Giant salads on the port of Six Fours

Not sure where to eat a salad in Six Fours? The Creperie des Iles offers lunch of giant salads with different flavors served on our terrace with pergola on the Brusc Harbour.

Our salads are hearty and original by their membership and their presentation. The pleasure of the eyes with its importance, we make a point of honor to attend the presentation neat and often unusual salads.

New Delhi, Maldives, Australian... Different flavors of our giant salads will make you travel to the four corners of the world. You will find also more conventional salads like the hot goat, the ocean or the peasant, but always with a touch of characteristic originality of our restaurant in Six Fours. Our chef has developed a revisited sushi salad: Kupu-Kupu... But we won't say any more, come and discover for yourself!


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